Who we are ?

A little of our history

Dear visitor, it is with great joy that we received your visit at Radio Arquitectura. We believe that music breaks all barriers, music has no language, it is a unique language, music is feeling, it is reflection. Just as we believe and agree with what Schopenhauer said, "Architecture is petrified music."


In this thought, three years ago came the Creative Minds Radio, which seeks to unite Architecture and Good Music in one place. So we believe that it is possible to make a radio with a good musical standard, information and news aimed at this important sector of society, responsible for bringing quality of life, indicating trends and making people's lives much more enjoyable. As well as the music.


Radio Arquitectura during this period has been raising not only the sympathy and respect for the professionals of architecture and urbanism, but also prizes and listeners more and more frequent. Speaking of prize, RádioArquitetura received the Award for the Contribution to Architecture and Urbanism, sponsored by the National Federation of Architects and Urbanists of Brazil, at the end of 2016, which crowns the serious and committed work we have carried out during our history .


With a professional-oriented programming, specially selected music and news for the segment, Radio Arquitetura's programming is increasingly present in the offices, feeding architects, as well as other professionals. We invite you to continue with us by always attending our website and our Radio and we await your contact, your testimony and participation.